100% Detergent, 0% Waste

The washtag is a complete hang tag replacement for use during the first wash.

Each Washtag can wash up to 0.6kg of clothes, and is completely soluble, made witih a detergent sheet, a dissolving string, laminated with a water-soluble PVC sheet, with retail codes printed using non-staining ink.

Water-soluble thread

Detergent sheet

Non-staining ink

Water-soluble laminate


A small change that can add up to to something significant

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Bench Better Made, the Philippines' biggest local fashion brand made of recycled plastic, made the Washtags available in 64 stores nationwide, saving 12,000 paper and plastic tags in its initial run.

47.1 M

Est. Reach

5.8 M

Total Engagement

237.7 M

Est. Media Values

5669 %

ROI PR EMV/PR Media spend

Other global brands are also in talks to launch the Washtags with production runs within the year.

Innovations like the Washtag help us move forward as a responsible industry.

June Implementation